Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing

What exactly is Proximity Marketing?

Proximity marketing may not be a buzz word yet, but soon the majority of marketers will want to get their foot in the door on the next wave of mobile marketing.  To put it in a context you can grasp easily, imagine walking into a business and automatically receiving a notification which links to relevant information and coupons etc. for products relates to the store your in.  This is just a basic example of how the power of proximity marketing can provide.

What exactly is a Beacon?

A beacon is a small device that emits low energy Bluetooth(BLE) signals to nearby smartphones and tablets within a range of about 50 meters.  The signal these devices send can interact with mobile applications or just display a notification that can link to your personal website.  The only downside to this is the fact that a users phone must have Bluetooth enabled, and users must opt-in to receive nearby notifications. Also, Android apps need to be running in the foreground or background to receive a signal from a Beacon.  The batteries can last up to five years without a replacement


Data collection

By interacting with the mobile applications installed on smartphones and tablets within their range, Beacons can help retailers track users behaviors and collect relevant data about users preferences and actions. This data is a powerful source of information for retailers because they can use it to re-target customers with even more personalized campaigns.

How can a Proximity Beacon benefit you?

 1.  Supermarkets

A shopper can receive alerts showing what aisle they are in, and if anything on your shopping list is available at the time.

2. Museums, parks, zoos, exhibits.

Get information related to a particular exhibit you are looking at, play an audio guide etc.

3. Live data

Get insight into how many customers are in your store.  This information can be useful for alerting customers how crowded the store is, or

4. Advertise on the go.

Just attend a conference or anywhere there is a crowd and send out your digital flyer to potential customers.

How can I start marketing with Beacons?

Here at Digititaldimensionz, we offer Beacon a solutions that will align with your goals and current marketing plans.  You can contact us for a free consultation on how Beacons can improve your marketing and ultimately your return on investment.